Mists of Pandaria: Feng the Accursed Guide

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Feng the Accursed

Spirit Bolt - Feng the accursed deals 80000 Shadow damage to 8 random targets.

  • Strength of Spirit - Each time Feng absorbs a mogu champion spirit, his damage is increased by 10%

Essence of the Mogu Champions - Around 95%, 66%, and 33% life, Feng will siphon the essence out of the great statues of mogu champions past, gaining their boon. In Heroic difficulty, Feng will siphon from whichever statue is nearest to him.

Spirit of the Staff

  • Arcane Velocity - The caster channels an arcane storm, its missiles increasing in velocity and damage as they travel further.
  • Arcane Resonance - Feng charges random targets with Arcane Resonance, which deals 10000 Arcane damage every 1 second for every player standing within 10 yards.

Spirit of the Spear

  • Flaming Spear - Feng's fiery spear sears the flesh of an enemy target, inflicting 40000 Fire damage every 2 sec for 20 sec.
  • Wildfire Spark - Ignites an enemy, causing it to explode after 5 seconds, igniting a wildfire at their location.
  • Draw Flame - Absorbing Wildfire charges Feng's weapon, causing melee swings to deal 30000 additional Fire damage to all enemies.

Spirit of the Fist

  • Lightning Fists - Feng slams a lightning-charged fist into the ground, causing a shockwave to pulse in front of him, dealing 250000 Nature damage and stunning those caught in its path.
  • Epicenter - Feng channels a violent earthquake, dealing more damage towards the epicenter of the quake, and reducing enemies chance to hit by chance to hit by 75%.

Spirit of the Shield (Heroic Only)

  • Siphoning Shield - Feng's cursed shield draws the soul of enemies to it, healing him for 2% of his life per soul that is absorbed.
  • Siphoning Shield - Feng's cursed shield draws the soul of enemies to it, healing him for 5% of his life per soul that is absorbed.
  • Chains of Shadow - Feng strikes an enemy with a Chain of Shadow that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 8 targets, inflicting diminishing Shadow damage to each successive target.

Stolen Essences of Stone - The heroic willpower of tank-specced players allows them access to the leftover essence shards from the awakened statues.

  • Nullification Barrier - Friendly units standing inside the Nullification Barrier will have all harmful magical effects nullified.
  • Shroud of Reversal - Shrouds a friendly target with an aura of magic reversal, allowing the caster to mimic any hamful ability their target takes.


Boss has 3 “phases” where he uses very simplistic abilities.

Phase 1:
95 – 66% Earth Phase
Ranged can be loosely stacked away from boss.
Ability 1: Lightning Fists – he turns towards a random (ranged?) raid member and shoots a bit of lightning towards them. It travels along the floor and does 200k+ damage to everyone in it’s path. When he turns toward you, strafe and/or move out of it!
Ability 2: Epicenter – He starts “earthquaking”, it’s a channeled spell that does more damage the closer you are to him. He can’t be moved during this as it’s a channel. Just don’t be near him if you’re ranged…you shouldn’t be near him anyways. Everyone move out.

Phase 2:
66 – 33% Fire phase
Ranged can be spread or loosely stacked, will likely end up spreading out because of fire.
Ability 1: Flaming Spear– Stacking debuff on the tank that makes him take more and more fire damage. Tank swap at 2-3 stacks..
Ability 2: Wildfire Spark – 5 second debuff put on a random raid member. After 5 seconds they drop fire, it burns. It also moves around, but doesn’t grow. Don’t stand in fire, don’t drop it next to people. Run out of group, drop on edges like for Ragnaros.
Ability 3: Draw Flame – He slurps up the fire and empowers his melee swings to do 50k damage to anyone near his target. Tanks use cds if tanking with stacks.

Phase 3:
33% – 0% Arcane Phase
Stack behind boss for aoe heals.
Ability 1: Arcane Resonance – Debuffs a random player, said player pulses aoe damage to anyone near him and the more people it hits the more the damage is amplified. GTFO if you have this. Think engulfing magic and Valiona.
Ability 2: Arcane Velocity – Boss channels high damage aoe on the raid, does more damage the further away from him you are. Heal through this, or use the tank cooldown. try using Nullification Barrier

Only other aspect of the fight is the 2 tank cooldowns that the tank gets to use. Tank clicks on 1 of the 2 statues in the room and gets a spell to use during the fight. Each ability was only able to be obtained 1 time. The abilities are:

-Shroud of Reversal. Tank can target 1 debuffed raid member and reverse that debuff onto the boss. We had difficulties getting this to work so unsure as to what debuffs can be reversed. It seemed to not work on Flaming Spear.
-Nullification Barrier. Tank can drop a barrier that prevents harmful effects from hitting people standing inside it. Again we had some difficulties with this and I’m unsure how exactly it works. Seems like it should be used for Arcane Velocity?

Loot (10 reg):

Level Type   Slot Name
489 Miscellaneous Spell Spirit Held In Off-hand Fan of Fiery Winds
489 Miscellaneous Spell DPS Neck Amulet of Seven Curses
489 Cloth Melee Back Cloak of Peacock Feathers
489 Cloth Spell DPS Chest Imperial Ghostbinder's Robes
489 Leather Spell Spirit Head Hood of Cursed Dreams
489 Leather Physical DPS Waist Tomb Raider's Girdle
489 Mail Spell Spirit Waist Chain of Shadow
489 Mail Physical DPS Feet Wildfire Worldwalkers
489 Plate Tank Wrists Bracers of Six Oxen
489 Plate Melee Head Nullification Greathelm
489 Plate Spell Spirit Legs Legplates of Sagacious Shadows


All loot


  Category Description Pts
Pandaria Raid Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better...
Defeat Feng the Accursed in Normal or Heroic difficulty after mimicking each of the following abilities:


Pandaria Raid Heroic: Feng the Accursed
Defeat Feng the Accursed in Mogu'shan Vaults on Heroic difficulty.






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